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Cotococha Lodge

Cotococha Lodge

Cotococha Amazon Lodge offers 21 spacious bungalows, built according to traditional architecture, in harmony with the 
surrounding rainforest. All bungalows are equipped with a private bathroom, and a private veranda with reclining chairs or hammocks to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Ecuador's Amazon. Social areas are carefully decorated and offer all comfort and coziness for a splendid stay in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Nearby hikes will lead us under the gigantic trees, for a close view of the rain forest floor to see how the lower plants complete for sunlight, among vines and epiphytes, observing the flowers and fruits that are the nourishment of the animals and birds...


Cotococha Amazon Lodge is strategically located in the upper Amazon basin, making access easy for any means of transportation. The location is also very well suited to make the famous loop Quito - Cotococha Amazon Lodge - Baños (or reverse). A huge advantage for travellers who want to continue southwards through Ecuador as you will not have to return to Quito.

DESIGN YOUR OWN AMAZON TOUR: At Cotococha you are able to design your own Amazon tour day by day. An expert local guide will assist you in choosing the excursions according to your wishes and interests. Most itineraries in our Amazon Tours include visits to the local communities, hikes in the rain forest, canoe trips, night walks, waterfall visits, river tubing or rafting, and other activities.

Great comfort, excellent food, warm hospitality and spectacular rain forest scenery will surround you during your Amazon rainforest experience. Cotococha offers high quality tours lead by experienced native guides. After your Amazon rainforest adventure, come back to enjoy tranquillity at your comfortable lodge.


ACCOMODATION: Cotococha Amazon Lodge offers 21 spacious bungalows. All of Cotococha's bungalows are scattered on our 4 hectares of jungle environment, 4 cabins are situated along the river shore offering some awesome views of the great Napo River. The bungalows are built according to traditional architecture in harmony with the surrounding rainforest.

BAR: Cotococha Amazon Lodge features an intimate bar, seating up to 15 guests. There is a large variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on the menu, offering the known international spirits as well as some local cocktails, such as the "Guayusa."

RESTAURANT: During your stay at Cotococha Amazon Lodge you will be delighted by Cocotocha's cuisine. A perfect balance between Ecuadorian traditional dishes as well as international gastronomy enables you to taste the best of our cuisine and specialities. Vegetarian or other dietary meals are provided.

FIRE PLACE: Cotococha Amazon Lodge offers a cozy lounge with a fireplace to read, or share your travel experiences with other visitors.


BUTTERFLY FARM: The Misahualli village is home to a small butterfly farm, owned and maintained by a local who understands the importance of nature conservation and education. An interesting explanation with real examples about the life cycle of the different butterflies will be given.

VISIT TO A LOCAL COMMUNITY: Experience life the Quichua way. Native people from the area where Cotococha Amazon Lodge is located are formally known as the Amazon Quichua. We'll visit a nearby community where we will partake in their daily activities.

CAVES AND WATERFALLS: Many caves have been discovered in this area of the Upper Amazon. There is also a remarkable number of waterfalls that surround the Cotococha Amazon Lodge.

UBING AND BALSA RAFTING: Imagine floating downstream on the great Napo River on a tube or balsa raft. Cotococha Amazon Lodge offers various options for floating down the Napo: Jungle trekking, wildlife spotting, rafting and kayaking.

Rates include:

  • All meals
  • Transfers in the islands
  • All shore excursions with an English speaking naturalist guide

Not included:

  • Transportation from / to Quito
  • Entrance to parks
  • Extra meals and beverages
  • Gratuities
  • Cancellation/medical insurance