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Amazon Tours

Amazon Tours

Spanning nine nations and covering 1.7 billion acres, the Amazon jungle is the largest rainforest in the world. With temperatures consistently in the high seventies (23-26*C) and excessive rainfall, it's also the optimal habitat for the largest diversity of plant and animal species in the world and Ecuador is one of these nine nations fortunate enough to have a piece of the rainforest.

Its rainforest is located east of the Andes mountain range and covers nearly half of the country. With this comes great responsibility to protect these lands and many countries, including Ecuador offer wildlife tours to decrease deforestation and the need for the revenue generated from logging.

For all you adventurous nature loving types, we are partnered with 15 remote Amazon Jungle lodges, hotels and river cruises in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Each Amazon jungle lodge offers guests a very unique experience.


We offer our guests a unique stay above the forest canopy! Some prefer our 4-storey geodesic dome, while others prefer our unusual Bamboo House, the half-timbered Trailhead House, or our secluded San Luis house. And for the budget-minded, we offer our Research Station / Hostel or camping options..


Casa del Suizo is a tranquil Amazonian refuge located on the shore of Ecuador´s majestic Napo River, and a stone´s throw away from the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. Perched comfortably above the riverbank and the small Quechua Indian village of Ahuano, La Casa del Suizo overlooks vast expanses of the surrounding tropical rainforest enviroment.


Cotococha Amazon Lodge offers 21 spacious bungalows, built according to traditional architecture, in harmony with the surrounding rainforest. All bungalows are equipped with a private bathroom, and a private veranda with reclining chairs or hammocks to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Ecuador's Amazon.


Huasquila Amazon Lodge is your door to Ecuador’s Amazon! This exclusive complex of bungalows is located within the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve between the Andean mountain chain and the Amazon basin. It is only a 4 hour drive (by private car) away from Ecuador´s capital Quito.


The Jungle Lodge El Jardin Aleman is located in Pununo/Misahualli, Napo Province, 235 km from Quito. On the way to the jungle you pass through the wonderful Andes. When you arrived to the highest point (4000 m) you go down through the subtropical cloudy forest to the tropical jungle.

If you're a reluctant adventure seeker who wants to see the beauty of the Amazon but still have the comforts of home, many of the lodges and riverboats offer the same amenities as any hotel found in the city. These amenities include: electricity, hot water, private bathrooms with toiletries and clean linens. Plus they offer an English-speaking guide for all Amazon tours.

The activities these Amazon vacation tours offer guests are numerous. You can take to the rivers in a boat, canoe, kayak, raft or even a tube on one of the many wildlife tours. Borrow some of the lodge's rubber boots and rain poncho to go on your very own Amazon adventure tour, or head up to one of the lodge's sky-bridges that spans 275 meters through the rainforest canopy.

If you love butterflies, many lodges have butterfly gardens with over 20 native species. Like a Galapagos Islands tour, there's no lack of animal species. At every turn you can encounter one of over eleven monkey species, tapirs, peccaries, capybaras and many more. The number of bird species to see on a bird-watching trip is too numerous to count but to name just a few: toucans, macaws, parrots, hummingbirds and the harpy eagle. Finally if it's culture you are seeking, there are plenty of opportunities for vacation tours to local indigenous communities, partake in their cultural activities or eat and drink their local cuisine.