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Yachana Lodge

Yachana Lodge

Yachana is an indigenous Kichua word that means "A place for learning", which is the best description of what we do. As you embark on your journey deep into the Amazon, you can be proud that your visit is helping to address education, conservation and sustainable development in a unique way in this environmentally sensitive region. At Yachana, we believe the future of the rainforest is inextricably linked to the well-being of its inhabitants; only those who call the rainforest their home can ensure its survival.


At Yachana we're dedicated to finding workable solutions in the struggle between the ideals of rainforest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We employ an innovative development model based on a non-profit/for-profit organizational structure to provide education, fight poverty and disease, foster grassroots community organizations and conserve Ecuador's imperiled tropical forests.

We've created two for-profit companies, Yachana Lodge and Yachana Gourmet, to meet our need for long-term financial sustainability. In 1995 we constructed Yachana Lodge which is located deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon on the banks of the Napo River 2.5 hours up river by motorized canoe from the city of Coca. After 13 years of operation, the lodge is an internationally recognized geo-tourism destination which has won numerous awards, including the Condé Nast Best Ecotourism Lodge In the World Award (2004) and the World Travel and Tourism Council "Investing in People" Finalists Award (2006).


  • Hike deep into primary and secondary rainforest to discover wildlife.
  • Discover native plants and trees including an extraordinary array of medicinal plants and their uses.
  • Birdwatching on an island upriver and see over 30 species of birds.
  • Explore Yachana's 4,300-acre.
  • Go on a night hike and discover another world that comes out only at night.
  • Participate in a traditional cleansing ceremony led by a local medicine man.
  • Tour the Yachana High School's campus and Organic Farm.
  • Learn to make traditional ceramic bowls called "mokaua" from an indigenous woman.
  • Visit the local community, elementary school, and the health clinic founded by Yachana and local villages.
  • Enjoy a refreshing swim in the Napo River.
  • Float downriver in a canoe and enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest.
  • Visit our butterfly house and learn about true symbiosis and the life cycle of a butterfly.


Your vist to Yachana includes a wide range of services and amenities, including three delicious meals every day, satellite Internet and a gift shop. The lodge is the training facility for the young Yachana Technical High School students in ecotourism. They are here to provide you with the very best service, but also, a very human touch.

Yachana has created a name for itself thanks in large part to its delectable Amazon cuisine. Indigenous chefs craft their dishes from fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish produced on our own organic farm. Soups, salads and main dishes are served in a family-style setting on long tables in our dining hall. We also serve Yachana Jungle Chocolate in many forms at almost every meal, which needless to say is a highlight for anybody who loves real chocolate! We can accommodate special dietary requirements if advised ahead of time.

Local and regional crafts and Yachana Lodge t-shirts are available in our gift shop. We also sell Yachana Jungle Chocolate and Yachana Choconibs, unique snacks made by Yachana Gourmet, an ecologically conscious, Fair Trade certified company which is part of the Yachana Group and was created to provide sustainable economic alternatives for local farmers.

Rates include:

  • All meals
  • Transfers in the islands
  • All shore excursions with an English speaking naturalist guide

Not included:

  • Transportation from / to Quito
  • Entrance to parks
  • Extra meals and beverages
  • Gratuities
  • Cancellation/medical insurance