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Encantada Galapagos Sail Boat

Encantada Galapagos Sail Boat

On board of M/S Encantada you'll have the chance to take 5, 6, 10,11 or 15 day itineraries. This depends on how much interest you have on the islands, you holiday season and of course no less important your budget.

The advantages of this option are multiple, for instance:

  • You can choose and pick the area that interest the most.
  • It is a small boat for families and groups with only few fellows
  • You can also incorporate diving as an extension that can either be after or before your Galapagos Naturalist Cruise Tour.

During your stay on board you'll have the opportunity to visit different and totally wild areas of the islands. Every day you discover escorted by your Naturalist Guide in short or longer hikes unique flora, fauna and history of Galapagos. This is the only way to get really close from this spectacular wildlife.

Daily, as a second activity, snorkelling, swimming or just a dinghy ride will complete your adventure.

In some stops you could also ask for diving departures depending on boats itineraries and spaces available.


  • Length: 69 ft, 21 m
  • Beam: 17 ft, 5.2 m
  • Speed: 7 knots
  • 5 crew members + 1 bilingual naturalist guide, level II
  • Snorkel equipment: $10 for 5 days, $15 for 8 days.

The yacht

The core of our concept is to offer personalized service to create a unique and seamless trip to the Galapagos. We believe that each of our guests have distinct interests and we therefore strive to tailor-make itineraries to best suit these preferences.

We depart from Baltra or Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. So ask about next day itinerary and departure. Notice that itineraries are set by The Galapagos National Park and could be change or modified at the last moment without prior advice.


This boat has a full 15-day itinerary cruising all around the Archipelago that can be split up in 5 or 6 days according to your requirements.
During any itinerarythe M/S Encantada will anchor at two visitor sites each day. You will be ferried to the islands in pangas (local name for dinghies). Landings may be "wet" or "dry" and once ashore your guide will lead you along marked trails explaining the natural history as you walk.
Then you have the chance to snorkel, swimming or just a ride around the rocks looking for Galapagos flora and fauna.

Rates include:

  • All meals
  • Transfers in the islands
  • All shore excursions with an English speaking naturalist guide

Not included:

  • US$100 Galapagos National Park entrance fee
  • US$10 Transit Control Card
  • US$ 20 Isabela island landing tax
  • Airfare from mainland Ecuador
  • Bottled beverages
  • Gratuities
  • Cancellation/medical insurance