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Tourist Superior Class Yachts Galapagos Islands

Tourist Superior Class Yachts Galapagos Islands


For those who prefer a more comfortable environment, Eden's elegant interior and refined details are sure to please. Her 8 double cabins, all with private bathrooms and hot water, are complemented by a library, T.V. with VHS video, restaurant/bar and sundeck.


The Aida Maria offers a great combination of comfort, style, and economy for tours in the Galapagos. Each of the 8 double cabins has a private bath and hot shower, air conditioning, and a large sundeck with plenty social areas. Of the 8 cabins, 4 are on the main deck, 2 on the upper deck and 2 on the sundeck, providing optimum comfort for your experience exploring the Galapagos.


The Xavier yacht (formerly Lobo de Mar) in the Galapagos Islands is an air-conditioned 16 passenger motor yacht, with 72-foot was built to accommodate passengers in 8 double occupancy cabins with either a window or a porthole, air conditioning and private bath. Has twin beds and operates Sundays or Wednesdays. Naturalist local guide and snorkeling equipment are included.


The motor-vessel Samba is a true Dutch European classic and the best in her class. The Samba was built in Holland, and offers good cabin and public-area accommodations. Six air-conditioned cabins with bathrooms and one air-conditioned cabin with a separate bathroom. Ample dining room, TV with video and sound system, mini-library with books and videos and a small bar.


The Daphne was built on Santa Cruz Island in 1997 especially for cruising around the Galapagos Islands. The itinerary gives excellent visit opportunities and service on board. It provides comfortable space for 16 passengers and was upgraded in 2004 with a spacious sun deck and a deluxe suite.


The Galapagos Voyager is designed to provide great comfort maintaining the highest safety and comfort standards to travelers visiting the Galapagos Islands. We offer an environmentally friendly and educational cruise focused on the natural history of the Galapagos. Our operation emphasizes a diverse itinerary offering the best of this pristine paradise maintaining the highest safety and comfort standards.


The Fragata is a comfortable yacht with 8 double cabins with private bathrooms, hot and cold water, air aconditioning, dining room, living room, bar, large sundeck and entertaiment center. On board you can rent snorkel equipment and enjoy of the wonders of the Galapagos.


It was named in grateful memory of Angel, the grandfather of Galapagos born brothers Hugo and Leonardo Andrade, who helped his two grandsons to build their first fishing boat. With a capacity for 16 passenger in double cabins with upper and lower beds each cabin with private bathroom with hot and cold water, air aconditioning and fan.


The San José is a very spacious yacht with 110 feet length and 25 feet wide. Each of the eight double bedded cabins have private bathrooms, and were build from port to starboard giving our guests incredible space, the dimensions are 5.80 m by 2.50m (18.8 feet by 8 feet). All of the cabins also are exterior and a have a great view of the ocean.


The Motor Yacht Monserrat is a new yacht designed to complement unforgettable excursions to the Galapagos Islands while providing comfort and leisure for the resting adventurer.


The new YOLITA II is a beautiful and relaxing motor yacht that offers a delightful atmosphere in her 8 comfortable and spacious fully air conditioned cabins, all of them with lower beds , private bathrooms and hot/cold water.


The Nemo II is ideal for a family cruise or with friends. It´s a large catamaran was specially built to take up to 12 passengers, has 6 double cabins each with private bathroom. If you are looking for an authentic adventure, the Nemo II is the best option.


Enjoy beautiful cruising through the dolphins and whales...snorkel with the sea lions...see birds with blue feet, red feet or big red 'balloons' on their necks...enjoy the scenery and volcanoes...and marvel at the colourful beaches. Come, relax and have fun on our new vessel.


The Estrella del Mar yacht is a tourist superior yacht with 8 double cabins, each with a private bathroom, windows and air condintioning, for 16 passengers. The yacht has wide sun-deck, a bar and comfortable dining rooms.