FLAMINGO provides an intimate, personalized environment with the freedom to enjoy everything that the Galapagos Islands have to offer. This cozy yacht is equipped with 5 double cabins, each with their own private bath, a shower in each room, 2 life jackets per cabin, and central air conditioning.

In the interior, you will find a well-stocked kitchen with fresh, organic products to make the most exquisite dishes for your taste buds, moving into a friendly dining area where passengers find themselves enchanted by our delicious national food.

On the same level, there is a coffee station available with coffee, herbal teas, and purified drinking water at all hours of the day. Additionally, at the request of previous clients, FLAMINGO has installed a TV, stereo and video equipment so you can watch your own videos and look at pictures you have taken on the islands, to experience your adventure on a big screen. Additionally, the yacht has a small library where you can find information about the Galapagos Islands.