M/Y Galapagos Odyssey represents a remarkable manifestation of evolution itself in the private yacht industry. This First Class yacht has been built in 2007/2008 to fulfil the highest expectations from most exclusive Galapagos cruises. The Galapagos Odyssey is considered among most comfortable and spacious 16-passenger boats cruising this archipelago.

Its fully equipped and ample twin cabins (20 m²) provide passengers with the comfort of a hotel room, while enjoying the constantly changing view outside their stunning panoramic picture windows. This yacht is equipped with two powerful engines that give a cruising speed of 12 knots (over 22 km/h). Moreover it has been designed to reduce the impact on the fragile Galapagos ecosystem.

 Type: Motor Yacht
 Category: First Class
 Construction: Guayaquil, 2007/2008; last maintenance: 2016
 Motor: 2 Cummins 465 HP engines
 Generators: 2 John Deere Generators – 70 KW each
 Length: 41m / 134ft
 Speed: 10 knots (ca. 18,5 km/h)
 Capacity: 16 passengers + 10 staff/crew members
 Electricity: 110 V
 Social areas: Sun deck/terrace, shaded outside deck, bar, living room, dining room
 Crew: 10 experienced, trained and IMO-certified crew-members (International Marine Organization): captain, cruise-manager, 2 pilots, 2 sailors, machinist, bartender, chef, kitchen help/housekeeper
TUE AM Flight to San Cristobal Airport
PM Cerro Colorado / Puerto Chino Beach (San Cristobal).
WED AM Punta Suarez (Espanola)
PM Gardner Bay (Espanola).
THU AM Punta Cormorant / Devil's Crown (Floreana)
PM Baroness Lookout / Post Office Bay (Floreana).
FRI AM Santa Fe
PM South Plaza.
SAT AM North Seymour
PM Bachas (Santa Cruz).
SUN AM Mosquera
Tour ends. Transfer to Baltra Airport.
SUN AM Flight to Baltra Airport
PM Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz).
MON AM Rabida
PM Chinese Hat.
TUE AM Prince Phillip's Steps (Genovesa)
PM Darwin Bay (Genovesa).
WED AM Bartolome
PM Sullivan Bay (Santiago).
THU AM Highlands (Santa Cruz)
Tour ends. Transfer to Baltra Airport.
THU AM Flight to Baltra Airport
PM Charles Darwin Station (Santa Cruz).
FRI AM White Tipped Reef Shark Canal / Sierra Negra Volcano (Isabela)
PM Tortoise breeding center / Wetlands & beach (Isabela).
SAT AM Punta Moreno (Isabela)
PM Elizabeth Bay (Isabela).
SUN AM Punta Espinoza (Fernandina)
PM Tagus Cove (Isabela).
MON AM Espumilla Beach / Buccaneer Cove (Santiago)
PM Puerto Egas (Santiago).
TUE AM Isla Lobos11
Tour Ends. Transfer to San Cristobal Airport.