Flying | Galapagos Islands

There are three airlines currently serving the air transportation from mainalnd Ecuador to the Galapagos islands ,there are three airports ,one in Baltra island which is the largest in Galapagos and the most popular since that was the first airport in service so there is an average of 3 flights a day and more during high season.The second largest airport is in San Cristobal island with one to two flights a day from the mainland and the third airport in on Isabela island which serves mostly inter island flights.Plan accordingly and your Galapagos Vaction tour will be one to rememeber!

The three airlines offer one to three flights a day depending on the season, and they have departures from Quito and Guayaquil , normally the flight starts in Quito with a short stop in Guayaquil in order to pick up more passengers.Flying to the the flight from Quito to Guayaquil takes only 40 minutes aprox. and from Guayaquil to Galapagos 1 hour and 30 minutes.

All flights depart from 7am to 10am making it impossible to have a direct connection with international flights, so when you plan your vacation to Galapagos make sure you arrive to Ecuador at the least the night before your flight to Galapagos. We recommend that you let us handle the flight reservation to give you more security, also keep in mind that all yachts in Galapagos have at least 4 different itineraries and pick up passengers from either San Cristobal or Baltra.

There are many international airlines flying into Ecuador , the most popular destination is Quito ,now Quito has a new international airport that will open the doors to more airlines to arrive ,but also if you want you can fly into Guayaquil.
- Airlines from the US with flights to Ecuador are American Airlines , Continental ,LAN , LACSA, TACA ,COPA
- Airlines from Europe with service to Ecuador are Iberia , KLM , LAN , British Airways/AA
- This are the airlines flying from mainland Ecuador to Galapagos


National Route: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Lago Agrio, Coca y Portoviejo On our routes between Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Lago Agrio, Coca and Portoviejo, AVIANCA offers a sandwich accompanied by a great variety of soda, juice, coffee, or tea.

Galapagos: We offer hot or cold snacks accompanied by soda, juice, coffee or tea.s Special Services offered by AVIANCA in all our routes. Our passengers have the option to request a vegetarian menu or a menu for children at the moment of making the reservation. On board, AVIANCA also offers white or diet sugar to suit our customers’ needs.


Fly to Galapagos with LATAM and visit the Galapagos National Park, one of the most attractive destinations in Ecuador. LATAM flights to Galapagos Ecuador offer inflight entertainment, complimentary food and drink, and access to airport VIP lounges to make your next flight to Galapagos more enjoyable.

From the moment you step onboard, our South American hospitality is brought to life in the warm greetings and smiles from the flight attendants and crew.


Around 3,000 passengers travel daily on Tame's aircraft on its national and international routes. The incorporation of modern planes with a higher capacity increases the number of passengers and consolidates Tame's prestige in the commercial aviation market.

In spite of remaining part of state enterprises, its operation is completely autonomous in administrative and financial fields. It does not receive governmental contributions and its growth is only based on the income generated by its own activity.